31 December 2013
31 December 2013,

If you have an outdated computer or two in your basement, you are not alone. Nearly 2 million tons of used electronics are discarded each year. An estimated 128 million cell phones are retired from use annually. These results are due to an ample supply of newer, faster electronic products on the market, Americans continually replace older models. This trend shows no signs of slowing. As a result, electronics have become one of the fastest growing “waste streams” or portions of our trash

There are many good reasons to recycle or reuse old electronics, instead of sending them to landfills:

Recycling old electronics helps conserve natural resources. Valuable material can be recovered from old electronics, and these materials can be used to make new products. For example, precious metals are used in computer circuit boards and other electronic components, and of course glass and plastics are used for TV and computer monitors. Recycling these products reduces the need to mine the earth for new raw materials.

Recycling old electronics also helps support the community. Donating your old electronics supports schools, low-income families, and non-profit agencies by providing them with refurbished computers, cell phones, and other electronics. Individuals are helped by being able to access technology that they could not otherwise afford. Check with these groups first to make sure your equipment meets their needs.

Recycling old electronics is important to protect health and the environment. Most electronics contain hazardous or toxic materials which can cause an environmental problem if discarded in the trash. Safely recycling and reusing electronics helps keep substances like lead and mercury from harming people or the environment.

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