1 January 2013
1 January 2013,

Advances in technology give consumers the availability to upgrade to newer, sleeker and more energy-efficient electronics products, however it is important to keep in mind that older electronics units and devices may not have reached the end of their useful life. These old units can be recycled.

The original owner keeps a laptop computer for only an average of three years and will discard their cell phone after only an average of 24 months. Many of these televisions, computers, computer monitors, mobile phones and other electronics are still in good working condition and can be recycled, refurbished or donated to schools and charities. There is a vibrant, for-profit secondary market for recent models of laptop computers, desktop computers and cell phones because these products retain significant value.

Numerous companies have created and are participating in programs designed to assist consumers in recycling used electronics products. These programs help place your electronics products into the recycling stream by refurbishing the device or giving it back to the community, either to schools, charities, economically disadvantaged or disabled citizens of your community. These efforts benefit both the environment and your community.

Many electronic product parts can be refurbished and reused. Electronic recycling companies are making efforts to use recycled materials, including glass, metals and plastics, in new generations of their products.

Properly managing your used electronics includes responsible recycling for protection of the environment and your personal privacy.


Intonu specializes in electronics recycling throughout the metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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