If you ever ask yourself, “Where do I go to recycle metal in Atlanta?”, we have one word for you: ┬áIntonu.

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The aims of recycling are relatively straight forward:

  • To reduce the air and water pollution that occurs when metals and plastics are thrown in the trash
  • To reduce the energy it takes to make new products and conserve our limited resources
  • To change things like scrap metal into new products and tools to prevent waste


If you find yourself in a position where you need to recycle scrap metal, where should you go?

Recycling programs work in a number of ways, and how an individual or business goes about disposing of their scrap depends on the demands they need to have met. Many homeowners can utilize curbside services, where recyclables are recovered via truck and are transported to a specific facility for processing. On the other hand, central drop-off and buy-back facilities often do not work on a strict schedule and are capable of processing a wider variety of items.

While throwing recyclable items in the trash can actually be illegal in many cities across the U.S., laws like these are often not enforced or even known to many residents. Many times, it is up to the individual to become educated on where their scrap metal is allowed to be disposed of, and being aware of if their scrap metal has value is their responsibility. As for businesses, there are usually more strict laws in place that regulate how they deal with recyclable material; especially ones that are more prone to releasing toxic chemicals when breaking down outdoors.

At Intonu, we guarantee that your scrap metal has value not only to you, but to the environment in which we all live. Our Atlanta recycling facility functions as a location for all types of ferrous and nonferrous metal scraps, including:

  • Used equipment from a variety of different industries including construction, restaurants, and manufacturing
  • Leftover pieces and torn-out plumbing/fixtures from home renovations
  • Outdated or damaged appliances and automobile parts
  • Miscellaneous metal consumer products that are no longer useful and taking up space


Beverage cans, pipes, furniture, wires, motors, roofing, lawn mowers, and car batteries are just a few examples of the many types of metal scraps that our team of recycling experts are fully equipped to process into entirely new goods. Whether you need recyclable scraps salvaged on site and transported, or you simply need reliable retail services to get cash for your metal junk, Intonu is a versatile solution that has been servicing the southeast for years.

Once scrap metal is collected at our facility, we can begin the processing program to break it down into smaller pieces, melt it, and mold the metal into sheets or ingots. The resulting metal is then ready to be made into new products, which saves energy and natural resources that would otherwise be depleted.

If you are a resident of Atlanta, you need to locate a recycling facility that can meet your needs and act responsibly when handling scrap metal. At Intonu, we have established a name for ourselves in being a reliable recycling resource staffed with professionals who know what service and stewardship really means.

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