21 December 2013
Category: Green Recycling
21 December 2013,

    Waste disposal is a leading cause of health hazards. Everyday hundreds of landfills are filled with toxic waste which can potentially leak into the water supply. Rather than simply burying our waste, Intonu specializes in providing a variety of recycling solutions to turn waste into reusable raw-material. Whether the waste is scrap metal, electronics, or green waste, Intonu has the right method to recover as much of the recyclable material as possible. This in turn reduces the amount of potentially toxic content that fills up landfills and will reduce smog and consumption of new resources.

By reducing the amount of landfills, we are protecting our environment from chemicals and creating new jobs for our economy. Furthermore, we are reducing the need to destroy natural habitats in search of new raw materials, and altering future methods to obtain fresh resources to align with an eco-friendly perspective. Recycled raw material has the advantage over virgin production in the pre treatment required to make the materials usable. Because recycled materials are already extracted, recycled, and processed, they do not require nearly as much pretreatment as virgin resources. Virgin production is the process that newly obtained resources require to become readily usable material. For example, recycled plastics have the correct content to be reused to make a different product while virgin resources require the materials first be extracted, then a series of chemical reactions must be induced, then the products must be refined and manufactured to the finished product. The whole virgin production process contributes a large proportion to air and water pollution, which range from 20% to 45% of the total manufacturing pollution.

(Intonu – a leader in green recycling throughout  Atlanta as well as the Southeast!!)

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