19 December 2013
Category: Green Recycling
19 December 2013,

The environmental benefits of recycling is a well-known fact, but the hidden truth is that recycling also generates a large amount of jobs and secures others for our economy. In the United States alone, recycling directly generates an annual payroll of  $37 billion, while supporting thousands of other jobs. By providing more resources to manufacturers, recycling is sustaining industries that may find difficulty in obtaining a scarce, purified materials. One state that has benefited largely to recycling industries is South Carolina which has seen an increase of 15,000 jobs and over $1.5 billion in annual payrolls.

Statistics from the EPA show that roughly 75% of our consumption can be recycled and reused, but only about half of that, 35% is actually recycled! By focusing on increasing the amount recycled in the future years, we can reduce our dependence creating landfills and instead create more viable jobs to serve our environment. Recycling is estimated to create five times more jobs for any amount of waste than land filling.


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