Electronics recycling is one of the major services that we offer at our Intonu facility. The reality is that the majority of all electronics that consumers purchase are eventually thrown in the trash or left in places where they can do more harm than good.

There are a variety of electronics that we collect at our facility for processing. Computing equipment and IT hardware components are among the most frequently recycled materials here at Intonu. More specifically, the Intonu team can accept all of the following at our Atlanta recycling center:

  • Computers and laptops

When you upgrade from an old, slow computer to a newer model, Intonu can help dispose of your outdated home PC or laptop accordingly. We uphold strict confidentiality policies so that you can be sure that any leftover data is secured and destroyed.

  • Home or office phone systems

Upgrading your offices phone systems? Instead of putting those old phones in a box and allowing them to take up space in the basement, Intonu can give them a brand new life.

  • Cell phones

Cell phones and smart phones are evolving at such a rapid speed that every few months a new model seems to render the previous one obsolete. Americans can go through quite a few cell phones throughout their lives, and these numbers add up significantly.

  • Servers and IT equipment such as modems and routers

We work hand-in-hand with IT companies that seem to constantly rack up scrapped equipment and accessories. As previously stated, Intonu takes privacy and security very seriously, and our clients can count on us for fail-safe, confidential recycling.

  • Circuit boards

Circuit boards are made of a variety of valuable metals and materials that can find new use after the recycling process, as opposed to being discarded improperly and becoming a threat to our ecosystems.

  • Key boards, floppy disks, hard drives, and CD-ROM drives

At Intonu, we accept a range of computer accessories and hardware components. The miscellaneous materials are just as important as entire computers, because they pose the same hazards when irresponsibly discarded.

Whether you are an individual with a truckload of electronic junk or a computer repair company that consistently has a collection of excess parts or damaged equipment, Intonu can help. We can provide you with an opportunity to get rid of your e-waste while ensuring that valuable materials are salvaged wherever possible. Whether you need one-time processing services or a recycling plan that grows with your company, we can help you reach your goals. Here at Intonu, we are proud to say that our recycling processes are as efficient and green as possible, and our team members have real passion when it comes to making the world a better place for everyone.

For more information on the kinds of electronics we accept, call Intonu today. We believe that even if we can’t accept your scrapped materials at our facility, we can help you find other recycling solutions that will reduce pollution and waste.

Click here to find out about our computer recycling program.

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