Recycling In AtlantaThe staff at Intonu is concerned about our environment. We hate to see litter or trash on the roads or anywhere for that matter. We’re doing our part to make the world better every day by taking metal of all shapes and sizes and recycling it. Whether it’s scrap metal or soda cans, we want Atlanta to be a clean, safe place to live. You can help us by doing your part.

But, it’s more than just your duty to recycle. It’s good business. We have years of experience helping contractors of all types develop plans to recycle metal so that their work site gets cleaned up the right way. When it comes to recycling in Atlanta, we strive to be the leaders.

With recycling, the word to keep in mind is stewardship. We work with companies of all sizes to integrate sound recycling practices to help your bottom line. We are proud of the fact that our business relationships have been long term. We demonstrate profitable results for both our suppliers and our consumers.

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