30 December 2013
30 December 2013,

A recent report by the National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER) and MIT revealed that in 2010, about 258.2 million used electronics were generated in America. Of that number, approximately 171.4 million units were collected for electronic recycling. Industry numbers showed that 8.5% or 14.4 million units were exported for recycling. If considered by weight, 1.6million tons of obsolete electronics were generated and collected in 2010 with an average of 900,000 tons collected for electronic recycling. With that number, only 3.1% or 26,500 were exported.

The study states that while these numbers do have a margin of error considered, they are most likely accurate since there is an extensive database of information about electronic recycling available- even historic data. Also, it seems as though the most prominent electronic device to be recycled are mobile phones on a per unit basis while TV’s and old computer monitors are the most dominate device to be recycled on a weight basis.

This report shows that the U.S. is focused on recycling electronics rather than dumping them in landfills or shipped off and dumped in third world countries as many critics have suggested. This report also shows that electronic recycling industry appears to be healthy and robust. Despite this news, experts in the field suggest an ongoing push to increase electronics recycling by as much as 25% in the coming year.
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