metal recycling mabelton, scrap metal recycling mabeltonA Trusted Name In Metal Recycling In Mabelton

It’s a fact, scrap metal that’s been tossed into a landfill takes years to break down, so metal recycling just makes good sense. At Intonu, we are a leading provider of recycling solutions for businesses of all sizes. In fact, people turn to us throughout the Southeast to help with recycling issues. We provide alternatives to harming the environment that can actually add to your bottom line. Our staff takes a customer service oriented approach to helping demolition contractors, general contractors, other recycling facilities or the general public. Our job is to make the world a better place. We’re doing our part one load at a time.

When it comes to metal recycling, it really is all about stewardship for the environment. We implement  practical recycling solutions with your business that add to your bottom line. We take pride in the fact that our business relationships have been long term. We demonstrate profitable results for both our suppliers and our consumers.

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