3 January 2014
3 January 2014,

The Department of Natural Resources recently released new data that indicated that residents of Wisconsin have access to nearly 450 electronics recycling facilities which appears to be assisting in the growth of electronics recycling services.

Wisconsin, which in 2010, banned many electronics such as old TV’s, computers and other electronics from trash incinerators and landfills. This law created the E-Cycle Wisconsin program which has helped prompt many organizations to increase their recycling efforts.

According to the report, Wisconsin has 72 counties that has nearly 250 special collection events in 67 of those counties which covers 99% of the population. The report goes on to say that Wisconsin has the highest number of collection sites per 100,000 people of any state with electronics recycling laws.

Experts in the state are excited about this news and state that they are pleased that the electronics recycling laws were supposed to make free or low cost recycling available for residents which is exactly what appears to be happening.

These facilities have collected around 123 million pounds of electronics with 95% of that collected in the upper Midwest part of the state. The process of separating and recycling the plastic, metal and glass from the equipment has saved 100 million pounds of material from going to landfills.

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