24 February 2014
24 February 2014,

Recently, a local mall put in a new vending machine to trade in old cell phones for fast cash which allows people to recycle their old electronics rather than establish more landfills.  Those vending machines are a nice convenience, but they brings up an interesting dilemma. What do you do about all the personal information on your cell phone? There is really only one solution- safe, confidential electronics recycling.

Given that more than 50% of all online searches are done with smart phones, someone finding your search history is the least of what most people worry about. But, people have everything from password lists to personal medical information on their cell phones which, if in the wrong hands, can lead to liability issues and legal judgements in the thousands of dollars.

Also, recycling facilities across the nation are accepting more electronics for recycling. It is not all about laptops and old computers anymore. Companies are recycling circuit boards, server equipment and hard drives. Some companies are sending modems and even satellite equipment along with televisions and cable boxes. Basically, if it had electricity running through it, a business can send it for recycling and make some additional cash while helping the environment. The EPA shows us that recycling one million laptops saves electricity for 3,657 homes for an entire year.

More and more businesses are working on green solutions in the way they operate. Certainly, working with a recycling facility to develop a workable and profitable recycling solution would fit into that model. Electronics recycling is just one aspect of that plan that can help everyone involved.


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