30 December 2013
Category: Green Recycling
30 December 2013,

Most economists wouldn’t consider the pile up of junk to be a significant indicator for the economy, but it may be time to think again. Green recycling may be a factor.

During previous downturns, the market for recycled materials like plastics, metals, computers, electronics, etc begins to accumulate by the ton. Buyers tend to be harder to find and landfills begin to pile up. But, since the market has showed signs of life, more companies have considered ways to add recycling to their process which helps the environment and actually contributes to the bottom line.

While recent hard times hit all levels of the economy, recycling centers saw tough times as well but are now back to beyond previous levels of recycling.

“Electronic recycling is 54% higher than it was in 2008” said one industry expert.

More and more companies are beginning to look at ways to incorporate green recycling to the way they do business. One expert said, “It’s ethically the right thing to do for our company as well as the right thing to do for our business”.


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