Copper is recycled through a process that can melt the metal down and re-cast it into brand new products. At Intonu, we ensure you that all of your copper scrap will be professionally handled and put to good use. Furthermore, we can buy your copper at competitive rates no matter if you have a small, organized load or a large collection consisting of mixed types of copper and alloys.

Copper recycling is important because this metal is a valuable nonferrous material that is used in products all around you. It is ductile, resistant to corrosion, and has high capabilities when it comes to conducting electricity. Copper is a pink tinted metal that becomes more orange or brown when tarnished, and appears green when it has undergone oxidization.

The most common sources of copper that recycling facilities receive are:

  • Pipe segments
  • Pots and pans
  • Clippings
  • Motors
  • Electronic components
  • Wiring and cables


How to Determine Whether Your Scrap is Copper

Identifying the metals that make up your scrap collection can help you get an idea of what it is worth. Listed below are a few ways to help you conclude whether you are dealing with copper or another type of metal.

  1. Use a magnet to find out if the metal has a pull. Copper is not magnetic, although many other types of metals are.
  2. Examine the color of your scrap. Copper can range from orange, tan, red or brown depending on how new or pure the metal is. Likewise, copper can form dark spots in areas where it has been exposed to the elements or handled repeatedly. These spots may be greenish or black.
  3. Test the strength of the material. One trait that makes copper so useful in manufacturing is its pliable and soft nature. You may even be able to bend or dent the scrap with your hands. Take notice of imperfections such as indentations and wrinkles.
  4. Consider implementing the spark test to identify your metals. This test is carried out by simply applying the material to a grinding wheel and inspecting the color and pattern of the sparks, or in the case of most non-ferrous metals, the lack thereof. Copper produces sparks poorly, whereas other types of metals can create large, bright sparks.


Once you have determined that you have copper scraps in your possession, you can organize your load and begin to estimate the pricing for your excess materials. At Intonu, we guarantee that you will receive the full value for your copper pieces, and that they will be recycled using environmentally safe methods.

Brass and bronze are other types of metals that we at Intonu are happy to accept, and these materials are categorized as copper alloys. Bronze, which is a mixture of copper and tin, is often used in the creation of coins, sculptures, springs, screws, and tools such as hammers and wrenches. Brass is copper combined with zinc, and is frequently used to make decorative home pieces like doorknobs, as well as keys and musical instruments. Both types of metal alloys are commonly used in relation to plumbing, from pipes and valves to faucets and handles.
Whether you have copper, brass, or bronze scrap, Intonu is Atlanta’s best recycling facility when it comes to customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. Our recycling processes are strictly regulated to ensure that we help you reduce your waste and prevent valuable metals like copper from ending up in landfills and natural habitats. We work with individuals and commercial services alike to give you the most for your scrap. Intonu is the solution for copper recycling Atlanta has been waiting for, and we can’t wait to help you!

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