When recycling products like computers, there are various elements that are salvaged and sorted. Precious metals are saved and melted down to help in the manufacturing of other materials, while the toxic chemicals found in computers are disposed of safely and professionally. Recycling computers benefits the environment, future consumers, and can even put money back into your pocket. Intonu can help computer recycling become a fully integrated part of your business by:

  • Analyzing your business needs and communicating with you about your expectations
  • Providing you with a high quality, confidential computer recycling program
  • Processing your scrapped computers at our expertly-managed Atlanta facility
  • Adhering to professional standards and fully committing to environmental stewardship


At Intonu, we can guarantee that our computer recycling program is confidential from start to finish, which means you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being exposed or your privacy being violated. We handle our electronic recyclables with a level of respect and care that sets us apart.

Whether you run an IT company and have a constant supply of scrapped computers and parts, or you are an individual simply upgrading to a new system, it’s important to know that computers that end up in dumpsters have the potential to be a real security risk. One major purpose of a computer is to collect and store data, and it’s almost inevitable that some of this information is considered sensitive in nature. Messages, documents, and files are constantly being stored onto your computer, as well as logged information pertaining to Internet history and submitted forms. Sometimes deleting this information isn’t as easy as it sounds, and someone skilled with computers could potentially get hold of the very data you thought was protected or eliminated.

Other than computers, the following items can also be a security risk if not disposed of properly:

  • USB sticks/flash drives
  • Mobile phones
  • Disk drives
  • Memory cards
  • Servers


For these reasons, Intonu makes sure that all electronics with storage capabilities are thoroughly sanitized to uphold our standard of security. When a computer is sanitized, it means that information is obliterated or made unreadable through a process of efficient, professional-level wiping methods. When you leave your computer in the hands of Intonu, you are guaranteed confidential recycling that will protect you from prying eyes, identity thieves, and liability problems in the future.

Confidential services are critical for anyone who needs to dispose of a computer, but businesses in particular need to be confident in the ways in which they handle their scrapped electronics. IT companies, law firms, and medical centers are just a few examples of industries that require computer storage and processing to handle extremely sensitive personal files. By partnering with Intonu for your Atlanta area computer recycling needs, you are being made a promise that:

  • Toxic computer materials are handled with care and do not end up in landfills
  • Private data is thoroughly destroyed and unable to be recovered
  • A systematic recycling program is established for your business’s future needs


If you need to dispose of outdated, broken, or excess computers or parts, call Intonu today to learn more about how computer recycling can be made easy and stress-free.