computer recycling Atlanta, circuit board recycling AtlantaIntonu:  A Trusted Name In Circuit Board Recycling

When it comes to circuit board recycling in Atlanta and everywhere else in the South, no one has more expertise and experience than Intonu. For years, IT professionals and other business owners have been bringing their old computers, circuit boards, hard drives, and more to our recycling center for safe and confidential computer recycling.

Circuit boards are insulated substrate boards that can come in a variety of sizes. They are covered in circuits, wires and other components that help to create a route for electricity and enable a device to function. Circuit boards are found in a variety of electronics, such as mp3 players, computers, mouse devices, radios, and more. Circuit boards not only help our electronics function, they are made of a variety of recyclable components such as copper, tin, and lead alloys. Soldered onto these circuit boards are precious metals such as gold and palladium, which are recyclable, and in significant amounts can mean extra money in your wallet. Knowing that there is value within your junk circuit boards means that you can start figuring out what to do about them!

Intonu gladly accepts circuit boards into our recycling program, either from business owners or individuals. We can process your scrapped circuit boards and help manufacture them into new products to be used by other industries, thus saving energy, allowing computer parts to avoid being wasted, and preventing the further pollution of landfills. Over the years, we have quickly become a leader in the our field because of our commitment to helping customers, partners, and the environment thrive.

The staff at Intonu works hard to provide top notch customer service, and this is a trait that has served us well. We work with businesses of any size to develop effective, safe computer recycling solutions. This includes breaking the computer parts down efficiently and with care, while eliminating any possibility of your information falling into the wrong hands. Your privacy is our top priority, which is why we are committed to making sure that the hard drives you supply to our center are destroyed, the circuit boards are torn up, and the rest of the computer is effectively broken down. Ensuring that your information is professionally handled is just one of the many ways that we at Intonu try to provide superior customer service.

For more information on our recycling process, or to learn more about how Intonu can create a customized recycling plan for your business, contact us today! We guarantee that our effective circuit board recycling services are the best in the Southeast.
When you need to recycle your scrap circuit boards, you need to know which name to call. There are major liabilities at risk if your old computers fall into the wrong hands. At Intonu, we protect your business from sensitive information being exposed by thoroughly disassembling your old computer. We go the extra mile so you can rest easy. If our services sound like what you have been looking for, dial 404-699-9989.

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