20 December 2013

The Need For Safe Electronics Recycling

20 December 2013,

Regardless of the technology a company incorporates into their work, over time they will degrade and require an upgrade. However, these devices may contain confidential data. At Intonu, we provide recycling solutions that will match any electronic device you have. Our recycling services take secure steps to ensure that any private information stored on these devices will be properly handled and be recycled in compliance to electronic disposal legislation. The increasingly common method to dispose of used electronics is to give liability to a disposal company which will then dispose of the toxic material in a landfill dump or resell it. At the landfills, identity theft is a common occurrence, which can put your company at risk; standard routines to try and erase data such as formatting your hard drive, in reality, is easily recoverable. Statistics from 2007 show that only about 20% of the recyclable electronics are actually reused! Rather than disposing of electronics in landfills, where toxic chemicals could be leaked, we  ensure our customers that the material and data is properly erased and then turned into reusable recycled content, which will be used to produce other electronic products. Intonu provides […]

16 December 2013

Canadian Company Set to Open Electronics Recycling Facility in New York

16 December 2013,

NONFERROUS, ELECTRONICS recycling BoMet Inc, which has its headquarters in Cambridge Ontario announced last month that they plan to expand their services and open a […]

1 January 2013

Why Companies Need Electronics Recycling

1 January 2013,

Advances in technology give consumers the availability to upgrade to newer, sleeker and more energy-efficient electronics products, however it is important to keep in […]